Mathematics Placement Policy

The purpose of the policy is to create a fair, objective, and transparent protocols that serves pupils who are transitioning between elementary and middle school and middle school and high school. Beginning of the 2016-17 school year, the District will implement the requirements of the California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 to accurately evaluate and place students in appropriate mathematics courses. The District will take into consideration the following multiple objective academic measures of pupil performance.

Placement Protocols
Students shall be enrolled in mathematics courses based on the placement protocols. No student shall repeat a mathematics course which he/she has successfully completed based on the district's placement protocols.

For students receiving special education services, the final mathematics placement will be determined by the pupil’s IEP team.

Protocol 1: Summer Acceleration Option

All 8th grades students will have the opportunity to take Integrated I during the transitional summer from middle school to high school. If a student receives an overall grade of a C or greater, he/she may proceed to Integrated II at the beginning of their 9th grade school year. If a student receives a B or better and has a teacher recommendation, he/she can be placed in Integrated II honors.

Protocol 2: Math Honor Course or Clusters

Students will need to meet the following objective measures in order to be placed in an Honors Math Course (Grades 9-12) or in a Math Honors Cluster (Grade 6-8):

If all criteria are met, then the student will be placed in an Integrated I Mathematics Honors course (9th -12th) or in a Math Honor Cluster (6th-8th). For higher mathematic courses, refer to current course catalog.

Protocol 3: 2nd Chance Opportunity

If a student misses 1 out of the 3 criteria:
  • 1 of the MDTP critical areas, or;
  • Score “meets” standards on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) or;
  • Demonstrated Mastery on current grade benchmark with a “meets” standard score
Then the student may take an interim block formative assessment within the first 30-days of the new school year. If the student results indicate mastery, the student may be placed in Integrated Mathematics Honors (9th-12th) or in a Math Honor Cluster (6th -8th).

Protocol 4: Acceleration

Students who complete Integrated I during the instructional year may take Integrated II during the summer. By taking Integrated II in the summer, the student will have more opportunities to accelerate in mathematics.