BUSD reviews plans for new Competition Pool at Bassett High

The SVA Architects presentation was a highlight at the board meeting last night. They presented their initial plans for a competition swimming pool for Bassett High School. 
The drawing specified a pool of 30 meters by 25 yards, which falls within CIF standards for both Water Polo and Swimming. The new pool will have room for 10 competition lanes and 2 shallower lanes for warm-up and warm-down. A new accessibility ramp will be added to the shallow lanes as well. 
Along with the pool, the plans (see attached PDF) will also include a new pool deck and even room for bleachers and a shade structure that can provide a platform for solar panels. The renovated pump and filter room will be expanded to hold a coaches office, outdoor rinsing showers, drinking fountain, and two restrooms. There will also be an outdoor storage area for pool covers, lane lines and other pool equipment. The plans included for the updated Facility also included new fencing and a great Three-Ring Olympian branding to tie the structure together.