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Bullying Harassment

The Governing Board recognizes the harmful effects of bullying on student learning and school attendance and desires to provide safe school environments that protect students from physical and emotional harm. District employees shall establish student safety as a high priority and shall not tolerate bullying of any student.

No student or group of students shall, through physical, written, verbal, or other means, harass, sexually harass, threaten, intimidate, cyberbully, cause bodily injury to, or commit hate violence against any other student or school personnel.
This letter is designed to educate our parents how to recognize and respond to Cyber-bullying that may impact their children. Cyber- bullying is when a person uses current technologies such as email, instant messaging, chat rooms, blogs, web sites, social networking sites, cell phones, and other forms of technology to intentionally embarrass, humiliate, threaten or intimidate another individual or group of people. Cyber-bullying is a serious act of abusive behavior that will not be tolerated. Please note the important links presented for parent support in this document.
This document reviews Cyber-bullying and some general tips for On-Line Safety so that parents can make sure that their children avoid becoming victims or perpetrators of bullying, as well as avoid negative contacts with people over the Internet.
BUSD Board Policy