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Tech Support Hotline for Students
Technology and Innovation Services Department Ethos

"We are a community committed to educating and empowering our students to think creatively, act responsibly, and communicate effectively in order to be successful members of society and make a positive impact on the lives of others."

As an individual, I am a member of the Bassett Unified School District community. I am part of the support system that stands firmly alongside the teachers who inspire students to love learning. I am a problem solver, innovator, and I take pride in serving Bassett. I challenge the status quo by changing the way technology is implemented and used in and around the classroom. I do not fail; I learn. By meeting my goals, I accomplish my purpose at Bassett Unified School District. I do not seek praise; I humbly do my job. My unique skillsets help to improve the use of technology. My actions define me and I take extreme ownership of the outcome.

I am a problem seeker and solution provider. I measure success in: accurate reporting, productive staff, and classrooms that are functional and engaging. I never stop growing and learning. I lead by example. I am trusted with important responsibilities; protecting confidential information and maintaining systems functionality. I set a standard for accuracy, commitment, efficiency and accountability. I raise the bar on the quality of great work. I achieve the best results possible because I value teamwork. I am a committed member of the team formed to serve the learning community.

As a team, we perform with professionalism. Our days are never the same and our actions are often unique to the problems presented. We must be multifaceted to meet the demands of each day. We take initiative when problems surface. We are leaders who discover the best ways to accomplish goals. We speak up and add to the discussion. We imagine the best classroom experience and work hard to help achieve it every day. We are Bassett TIS.

Register for Password Reset
If you have previously registered for Password Reset, you can get back into your account even if you forgot your password, or for some reason have been locked out. This reset will apply to all of your accounts that are linked to Microsoft Active Directory, such as Microsoft Office 365, Clever, and Synergy. Click on the following link to start your password reset registration.

If you know your password but for some reason just want to change it, follow these directions:

1. Sign into your Bassett Microsoft Office 365 account
2. Select the Settings Wheel (toward the right of the menu bar in the upper right corner)
3. Select "Change your password" from the drop down menu
4. Respond to the prompts
This file contains information related to goal response and resolution times for service from the IET department. 
Please use this form to request employee access to district-wide systems. This form is also used for moves from site to site or department to department.