"The Merit System of Making appointments is in its essence as democratic and American as the common school system itself."
                                                                   Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States
Accomplishments from the 2021 Annual Report
  • Commission returned $59,900 to the General Fund for fiscal year 2020-2021
  • Overhauled written and oral testing procedures to adhere to COVID guidelines
  • Created virtual oral exams with Teams and researched remote testing options
  • Completed 38 written examinations in PC Office outside of scheduled sessions to accommodate candidate and employee availability
  • Completed 11 test reviews with prospective and current employees providing areas of improvement for future exams
  • Adapted bilingual oral exam procedures without a District Translator
  • Personnel Technician promoted to Human Resources Specialist
  • Staffed approximately 100 summer assignments for Summer Employment
  • Re-employed 8 staff from the Re-employment List
  • Processed multiple rounds of layoff and re-employment notices due uncertainties from COVID
  • Evaluated exit interviews to make recommendations on process improvement
  • Completed 22 job study interviews with current Administrative and Clerical support employees
  • Reviewed 16 classifications and compiled corresponding compensation studies
  • Library Media Technician classification update and compensation study
  • Developed non-classified Consultant classifications for Child Development
  • Coordinated Virtual Professional Development Day with over 50 participants
  • Coordinated the distribution of over 250 Classified Employee appreciation lunches with CSEA
  • Maintained 0 appeal hearings
  • Participated in District Reopening Taskforce
  • Personnel Analyst holds Treasurer position on PTC-SC Board
2021 Annual Report Recruitment and Classification Summary
  • 41 Recruitments
  • 1538 Applications submitted
  • 103 Written Exam Sessions scheduled
  • 24 Oral Exams scheduled
  • 2 Bilingual Oral Exams scheduled
  • 186 Candidates placed on eligibility lists
  • 0 New Classifications - 2 Non-classified Classifications created
  • 1 Class Revision/Update completed
  • 0 Reclassifications
  • 7 Promotions achieved