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"The Merit System of Making appointments is in its essence as democratic and American as the common school system itself."
                                                                   Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States
The merit system is a method of personnel management which is designed to promote the efficiency and economy of the Bassett Unified School District classified workforce and the good of the public by providing for the selection and retention of employees, promotional opportunities, in-service training, and other related matters on the basis of merit, fitness, and the principle of “like pay for like work.”
2023 Annual Report Recruitment and Classification Summary
  • 116 Recruitments
  • 1684 Applications Submitted
  • 319 Written Exam Sessions Scheduled
  • 12 Oral Exams Scheduled
  • 50 Bilingual Oral Exams Scheduled
  • 10 Placement Interviews Scheduled
  • 367 Candidates Placed on Eligibility Lists
  • 8 Written Exams Developed
  • 12 Oral Exams Developed
  • 9 Placement Interviews Developed
  • 28 Test Reviews with Prospective & Current Employees
  • 11 Outside Rater Panels
  • 202 Summer Employment Assignments
  • 6 Exit Interviews
  • 1 Classification Specification Updated
  • 2022 CSEA Salary Research Progress: 67 Position Description Questionnaires, 69 Employee Interviews