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School Medical Policies

Medication at School
For children who need medication, parents or guardians should make every effort to administer those medications at home. However, if medication must be adminstered at school, caregivers should give special attention to the following:

1. The Physician's Form
(The form may be obtained from your school's health office, or can be downloaded and printed from here.)

The school health office must have on file a completed Physician's Form, including a consent signed by the parent(s) or guardian(s), and accompanied by a physician's written order

The form will include
  • Student's name
  • Student's diagnosis
  • Name of medication, and its exact dosage, time(s) to be given, and length of treatment
  • Physicians's name, phone, and signature
  • The form is needed for all medications, including non-prescription medications.
  • The form must be renewed each school year, or whenever there is a change, whichever is
2. Handling of the Medication
  • The medication must be personally delivered by a parent or guardian directly to the school nurse
    or other office personnel
  • The medication must be kept in its original, pharmacy-labeled prescription container
  • The school will keep the medication locked in the health office
In the interests of the health of your child, absolutely no medications will be administered at school without strict adherence to each provision of the rules above!

Doctor's Note

A Doctor's note must contain:
  • The student’s condition
  • Treatment received
  • Date student can return to school
  • Any restrictions on the student's activities once they return
  • Any follow-up needed at school
  • Relevant information on any medical devices that are part of the follow up, including duration of
    their use
Return After a Communicable Disease
If a child has a communicable disease (chicken pox, scarlet fever, 5th disease, etc) they must have a doctor’s note which states they are free of communicable disease, and a date when they can return to school. An unidentifiable rash might be referred for medical evaluation requiring a note to return to school.

P.E. Excuse
If the exclusion is for longer than three days, a doctor’s note is required to excuse a student from P.E. The note must include a reason for, and the duration of the exclusion.

Required Health Form
The Blue Health Form must be completed if the student is either new to the school, or develops a new health condition. This information will ensure the nurse can see to the safety and well-being of your child.

Emergency Cards
An emergency card must be completed prior to school attendance. The health office counts on this information to be correct and up to date. It is extremely important that the parent/guardian provide emergency contact names and phone numbers in the event a parent can not be reached and make sure they are current and updated.